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The Acanthophyllia deshayesiana , also known as the Meat or Button Coral, is a large stony coral that comes in a round, doughnut shape. The A. deshayesiana can attach itself to substrate or it can be free living which makes it versatile for your aquarium. The Meat Coral can either be one polyp or may grow into a colony and is usually a dark red, dark green, or a combination of the two.  The A. deshayesiana, also known as Flat Cup Coral, Open Meat Coral, Knob Coral, Tooth Coral, are peaceful and they tolerate their own species. This coral needs to have enough space between itself and more aggressive corals. They can sting others, but more than likely are the ones that will be over taken. In a tank with an abundance of soft corals, they may eventually die due to the toxins that the soft corals emit.

The Button Coral is easy to care for and is great for beginners due to the hardiness of this species. Positioning the Meat Coral in a mostly upright position can decrease the chance of flesh damage if too much weight were to be applied. Providing low to moderate lighting or indirect bright lighting is suggested, as well as a lower water current to allow for full expansion of the polyp. The A. deshayesiana can be fed minced pieces of fish, shrimp, mysis, cyclopeeze, and rotifers. Feeding at night when tentacles are present and at least once a week or more will help them grow faster. They tend to morph into weird shapes when fed.